Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Babes Bedecked in Blazers

Me, Jess, & Lucy making love to the camera

Ever have those vacations where the nothing went right, you had to be with people who were slightly annoying, and it lasted 2 days too long? Well, this was not one of them! My fellow travelers were sublime, our activities were perfect, and our lodgings were more than we could have asked for. From hours spent reading to a trip to the spa to boating on the Sound to playing with dogs to sleeping outside, nothing could have made our time together any better. Below you will find some highlights from our perfect trip to Orcas Island.

We stayed at Jess' aunt & uncle's "carriage house", which essentially is a large guest studio apartment above their detached garage. It was filled with everything we could possibly want or need and provided a peaceful respite for us. The view was stunning and one of our favorite things was to sit out on the deck, basking in the sun by day and marveling at the stars by night.

With a nod to our previous Orcas vacation pictures involving a rope, we chanced upon some brilliantly red blazers at a thrift store. By a sensational miracle, we only had to pay $2 total for all three of them! We wore them hither and yon, even venturing into public upon occasion. Man, we looked hot.