Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Growing a Boyfriend- Day 3

Well, my boyfriend did not grow to the great expanse that we had all hoped for, but he grew nonetheless. His three day flowering period is over and he is now "full size". In fact, a 600% increase in mass. While not all that I had wished for in a boyfriend, I did decide that he at least deserved to be named. World, meet Hans. Hans, world.

The birth of Hans.

One foot is oddly larger than the other.

Holding hands (his were kind of clammy).

For some reason, he's really just not doing it for me.

Not a great cuddler either.


Jami Janelle said...

i am so glad I could bring you the man of your dreams. I hope you two have a long happy life together! Until he shrivels up and dries. Ha!

Katie said...

you're just so darn cute together!