Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jami and Chermaie hosted the raddest party we'd been to in a while! There was delicious cake and beautiful decorations. The highlights of the night were the rounds of M.A.S.H. we played. Praise the Lord that I'm marrying an underwear model! Until then, I can be content with the "Grow A Boyfriend" that I received as a loving gift from Jami. Wasn't that just so thoughtful of her? Katie and I were just so thrilled to be the recipients men that grow in just 72 hours. While initially disappointed that the results would take that of long, Adam pointed out to us that it took him years to grow up. A great thing to keep in perspective. I think my face in the group picture is just so amazing. That was a moment that I am so glad got caught on camera.

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Patty Rody said...

May I be the first to comment . . . thanks, don't mind if I do! You GIRLS are the CUTEST, FUNNEST, MOST JOYFUL, MOST BEAUTIFUL and CRAZIEST in LOVE with JESUS GIRLS I KNOW and I LOVE EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!

These Valentine pics are PROOF POSITIVE!