Monday, October 29, 2007

More More More

Here's some more fun links from the past few weeks:

SF has Public Open Spaces that companies create for public use by their office space. There is a group dedicated to reclaiming these spaces. Go to this site and click Paraformance 4 on the right hand column to see strangers playing a game in one of the spaces.

Want to play 20 Questions but don't have anyone to guess your answer? Go to this website and try to stump the computer!

People's Faces and their Shoes. Enough said.

Crafty people posting their projects online. Such great stuff! If you like great ideas, this is definitely the place to look.

How to turn a picture into a screened T-shirt. The things I want to do with this...

A cool design alternative to online invitations. Small selection, but no cheesy graphics.

Hipster E-cards. Completely awesome and funny ways to say pretty much anything.

Designers were asked to share their favorite music. This is hours and hours of listening candy with unusual flavors.

Type in a band or musician and Music Plasma will come up with a web of related musicians.

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