Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pictures Tell The Story

I often find things online that I enjoy and pass on to a few select people. Instead of being stingy with the wealth, I decided to post it for all to see. Below are some of the pages I found today.

The Border Film Project
gave cameras to both the undocumented Mexican migrants at the Mexico/USA border and the American minutemen who are trying to stop them. Great photos are turning up. I will admit to a bit of nerdiness by saying that I listen to NPR on occasion and remember a couple of segments on the conflict. I looked them up for you to hear the migrant protest songs and a first-hand look at the border. Incidentally, there is a funny story of students and a principal right before it talks about the border conflict and I find it worth listening to.

Check out the interactive public art that allows people to scratch off parts of the wall. It is called the Hidden Love Song (scroll side to side to see the entire project) and this is a wonderful blurb from their website:
"If we could scan our surroundings with a special love detector, perhaps we would find a lot of hidden love songs, under park benches, in people's pockets, lying in the stomach, and behind their ears where their hair rests..."

Brilliantly done are the human versions of classic computer games like Pole Position (race car driving). It took 6 hours of shooting, 49 extras, and 400 photos.

Because I love photography, I am absolutely enthralled with the galleries at The Morning News. One of my favorites is the cheeky Drop Dead Gorgeous collection. Here and here are the best from the deaths. I also love the humanity in A Day In The Life, especially this and this.

That's all for now, but you can expect more posts in the future as I find them.

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