Thursday, February 14, 2008

Keep Them Coming!

What do two roommates do on Valentines Day in lieu of dates? Why, drink themselves silly of course! Just joking, although we have been enjoying our mimosas. I am currently writing this under the influence of more than a few of them and claim no responsibility for my words. The night started out like this:

And ended up like this:

Multiple times. So good.

And of course I had to make something heart-y (oh, what a great pun) for dinner, so I made shaped pancakes. I have always felt like my pancake skills are lacking, but tonight I pulled through. No broken, messy, misshapen cakes-- only perfectly formed and browned hearts. I really can't believe how well it went.

We watched The Break-Up, which has to be one of the most wearing movies ever. Really, the last thing we want to watch is two hours of a couple fighting. It gets irritating. We ended up skipping the whole middle section and watching the final scenes to see what happened. We certainly didn't miss much.

Valentines Day 2008 is almost at a close and we want to say we love you all. Granted, this might be the alcohol talking, but we really do. May you love and be loved as much as we are.

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