Thursday, February 14, 2008

An update on the evening...

Yes, post-mimosas we are both doing better than the other. As giggled by Angie, "It's just so hard to think right now!"

And yes, this would be Jessica with my second post to the blog in its existence.

Love lorn, we have actually had a mighty fine evening accompanied by Henry, our faithful companion. Get this... he is NAKED except for a beautiful garland of red tinsel hearts with a rose tucked behind his ear! Strong, steadfast (actually immobile), perky listening ears, dark caring eyes, toothy grin...Could we ask for someone better to share the evening with? I think not.

Now it's off to bed to read (maybe a few pages if I'm lucky) and then heading to sleep. I am looking forward to a relaxing long weekend while all of my students at school detox from their Valentine's sugar high. Let's just say we were all ready for the weekend at about 1:00 with 2hrs and 15 min left to go!

Don't be expecting any more posts from me any time soon. At this rate my next post will be Valentine's Day 2010 and let's just hope that one is a bit more productive in the romance department.

Coming soon... the night wear of Jess and Ang vintage 1995!

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