Monday, February 4, 2008

Love Always, George W.

I hate to bring up anything political because not much else gets people as heated as the good ol' Red vs. Blue debate, but Jess and I aren't big fans of Georgie (no offense to our readers who feel the opposite). However, one day I came across the White House website where you can request a letter from the President for special occasions such a births and birthdays. Of course I wanted to get in on that action before our "favorite" Prez left office! I decided that the ironic and really the best way to get the letter would be to request one for my "gay marriage". It's ironic because Bush is against it and it's the best because well, it's just funny. So I filled out the form with a bit of fudging (kids, don't try that at home) and Jess and I have now become a couple in the eyes of the White House.

Today I had the good fortune to open my mail and be greeted with this:

"Congratulations to you both on this wonderful day. Your marriage is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other. May this deep and meaningful bond provide strength and friendship in the years ahead. We send our best wishes for a lifetime of happiness together."

Well, we do have a deep and meaningful bond that has provided friendship for many years. Here's to hoping we have many more and a lifetime of happiness!

I love that the seal on the card was actually embossed! It made it just that more special and presidential looking.

I think my favorite part of it all is that the envelope was hand addressed. I love knowing that a 70-year old woman is sitting at a desk somewhere in D.C., offering her best cursive handwriting as her civic duty. Can you imagine her shaking her head as she writes "Mr. & Mrs. Angie Tjoelker"? Muttering under her breath that the boys names these days are starting to sound an awful lot like girls names. Oh, if only we would all sacrifice a little hand cramp for our country.

I was sad that the signatures weren't the real deal. I realize that W must be busy with other things, but gosh darn it, I had hoped for an actual pen-to-paper attempt from the Mrs. Oh well, they say it's the thought that counts. Thanks for thinking of us Bushys!


Maudie said...

I'm not sure you can keep beating yourselves with bizarre/crazy/funny/outlandish experiences. You will have to write a book somewhere along the line. You might even get people to pay to read it and pay off your college loans!

NatiliaVish said...

Angie!! I have just discovered your blog, which is brilliant. Even more brilliant is this devious scheme. I am so glad that the Bushes have endorsed your special relationship, even if they did make you a man. I can think of no more hilarious way to prank them.

This is Lisa with the former last name of Pogue, in case you were wondering. I have a not-quite-as-entertaining-as-yours blog which is... here...

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and send you some love from this side of the state :)

My name is Natalie. said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog and for entering the Giveaway!

PS. This post got me giggling. . . so fun!

My name is Natalie. said...

Oh gol. . . how hilarious!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'll be selecting a winner at random tomorrow AM (Hawaii time), so be sure to check back.