Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I suddenly got tired of my room and decided it needed to change. I got rid of a small desk and chair and acquired a new overstuffed chair and ottoman. One thing I had not anticipated getting was a new bookcase, but when I went to move the old one, it practically fell apart on me. As in I could breathe on it and it would wobble two feet each way. Deciding that I did not want to put really any weight on it (see the amount of books I have in the pictures) I went to IKEA with Jess and purchased a new one. Note to self: have a strapping young lad on retainer to do all the heavy lifting next time. Or maybe two. We nearly broke our backs trying to get it in our place.

The following are just some unedited pictures I took today at the request of my friend Lucy. She's in the process of redecorating her place right now and wanted to see what I had done. As a side note, it has always been a dream of hers to be blogged about and now I have done it twice! I bet you anything that she is reading this and nearly falling off her chair with excitement while eating her breakfast. The following comments are more for her than anything, so you can skip if you like.

Chair from the Old Cannery in Sumner. Bookcase & lamp from IKEA. Photographs on wall I took. Whore house lamp on nightstand as usual (don't ask).

Paintings on wall by me. Curtains are years old but still curtainey. Note IKEA wastebasket. Um, I am realizing that I shop at IKEA way more than I thought.

Detail on tiny plant stand that I set by my chair as a small table for holding my ubiquitous glass of water. [(Do you like it? I love it. I got it at Ross.) (Please tell me that you just sang that in your head too)]

Detail on fun lampshade from IKEA. You can't really tell, but those splotches are a bunch of different colors.

Well Lucy, I hope that your curiosity has been satisfied. This one was for you.

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