Friday, April 25, 2008

Homeowner? Check Yes or No

Do you have those people who you don't always answer your phone for? Of course there are the ones who can be put into the stalker category, but that's another story. I'm talking about the friend living far away who you don't get to talk to as much as you would like but every time you do, their words are a balm to your soul. The friend who you have to wait to talk to until you have time to sit down and devote every ounce of your being to the conversation because you don't want to lose a single moment in your everyday multitasking. The friend who you know will dish juicy gossip about mutual acquaintances and expect the same in return from you. The friend who you can tell that you need to be left alone and they understand exactly what you mean. The friend who will patiently wait to share their stories until you have run out of breath telling yours. In short, a great friend.

One such friend called me tonight to chat and it was wonderful. Soothing. Beautiful. The type of conversation that makes me bring my shoulders to my ears and squeeze my eyes shut in bliss at the memory of it. We didn't talk about anything in particular. Just life. Hers. Mine.

If there is anything predictable about our conversations, it is the inevitable question, "So, any boys right now?" Just as predictable is the obligatory "no". We end up talking about our near misses, our prospects, and who we are eyeing at the moment. Never significant, never reality based, always the "wouldn't it be fun if..." type of thoughts. Tonight we joked around and came to the conclusion that at the ripe old age of 25 & 26, some things were starting to look pretty tempting. Namely, older men. As in, we will marry you because you own a house. An added bonus: your maturity level is higher. Sure, you may have a few kids and/or divorces under your belt. Sure, you may be closer to drinking Ensure than drinking games. Sure, your medicine cabinet looks like you could sell on the street corner to become wealthy. Sure, you think that socks with sandals are perfectly acceptable.

But really now, about that house...

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Lisa said...

According to this (somewhat goofy) book we had to read in our "Young Marrieds" class, one of women's "needs" is to be financially secure and in some cases may be more important to them than anything else. :) So, some Christian psychologist has justified liking someone for their house. Go right ahead. :)